Repairs & Maintenance Programs

Repairs & Upgrades

Repairs & Upgrades

All Repairs, including Warranty and/or Maintenance repairs, require a RMA number and a RMA form prior to the return of any item. All items sent in to our Repair facility will undergo our routine repair process unless otherwise instructed on the RMA Form by the customer. The RMA number must be referenced on the RMA form, as well as on any additional documentation accompanying the item(s) being sent in for repair. Please contact our office at 1-877-634-1833 to obtain an RMA number, or you may submit a request online. The RMA form is required for all returns and can be downloaded here.

All items sent in for repair will be done at Sender’s expense -No COD shipments will be accepted. Intelliprobe will not be responsible for items lost or sent to a wrong/old address. All completed repairs will be returned to our customers via UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified on the RMA Form.

All repairs carry a 3-month warranty.

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Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Intelliprobe offers a Maintenance and Repair Program for quality repairs and maintenance on probes manufactured by Intelliprobe and its predecessors, US Microtel and Datacquisition Technologies, to meet your budget and planning requirements. All maintenance and repairs are performed at our facility located in McAllen, Texas. This program offers:

  • The ability to budget repair expenses for the year
  • Coverage of all repairs and maintenance repairs, even on Voided Warranties
  • Preventive maintenance as needed and scheduled by our customer

Intelliprobe’s Maintenance and Repair Program offers the customer outstanding response times and the ability to accurately budget repair expenses for the year. Under this program, the customer pays an annual fee determined at the beginning of each period, which is based upon the number of probes covered as well as on the length of time of the agreement. The customer must have a minimum of fifty (50) probes in order to take advantage of this service. This program covers all repairs and maintenance. However, this program does not cover product upgrades and/or conversions.

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Repairs & Upgrades

This option offers our customers the opportunity to upgrade any G5/FC200 or PM500-124 probe from its Original Configuration, version 5 or 5.1 to its newest version of 5.2. This upgrade includes a new cable assembly, refurbished housing assembly and a modified PCB assembly. Pricing for upgrades is available upon request and includes a 6-month warranty.



Repairs & Upgrades

Converting a probe from FS/2-FS/3 (PM500-105, 121, 118) to a G5, G5R, FC200 (iP500-124) includes a new cable, connector and a refurbished head assembly. Other probe models can also be converted to a specific model based on the customer’s requirements. Pricing for conversions is available upon request and includes a 6-month warranty.



Repairs & Upgrades

Trade-in credit is available to customers who have older model probes and wish to purchase new probes. Each probe must be inspected by our Production Department and deemed in good condition before a trade-in value can be determined. Intelliprobe will inspect and offer a credit amount towards the purchase of 1 new probe for every 1 probe returned for trade-in credit. Trade-in credits do not affect the original price of any new probe regardless whether a trade-in value offer is accepted or not. Please contact our office for additional information.


Repair Cost Quotes

Repairs & Upgrades

Quotes on repair costs can differ depending on the condition of the probe; therefore, each probe must be sent to our Repair facility and inspected by our Production Department before a quote can be given. You may request a repair quote simply by noting “Repair Quote Needed” on the RMA form. We will contact you after the initial inspection with the estimated cost of repair.



Maintenance Programs

Pricing for the Maintenance and Repair Program Agreement is based on the number of probes covered as well as on the length of time of the agreement (1, 2 or 3 yrs). Payment in full is due on or prior to the start of the agreement. Effective dates and serial numbers are to be determined at the beginning of the program. Return shipping costs are not included in pricing and will be billed separately, payable on a Net 30 basis. Once item(s) have been repaired, they will be returned to our customer via UPS Overnight, unless otherwise specified by customer on the RMA form.


Existing Warranty

Maintenance Programs

All iP Series Optical Probes from Intelliprobe are fully covered by an original two (2) year warranty. However, the existing warranty is considered void if Purchaser or User subjects the unit(s) to negligence, misuse, improper installation, accident or unauthorized repair or alterations. Our Maintenance and Repair Program covers extended maintenance and repair of Intelliprobe’s optical probes following the expiration of the factory warranty and in those instances where an existing warranty has been voided.