At Intelliprobe we design, manufacture and market a range of optical probes designed to program and read electric and gas meters that incorporate the ANSI Type 2 (ANSI C12.18) as well as IEC Flag (IEC 1107) optical ports.

ANSI Meter:

IEC Meter:


Our products are divided by the device that uses the probe: Probes for PC, Probes for Handheld Computers and Accessories. Please browse our selection, if you have any questions please contact us at 1-877-634-1833.

Probes for Handhelds

We call our optical probes universal because they can be configured to interface with virtually any Handheld computer or PDA available in today’s market such as DAP Techonologies, Itron, Intermec, Radix and others.


Probes for PCs

Our probes are also designed to interface with Desktop or Laptop PC computers, as well as Tablets through either Serial RS232 or USB communication ports.




Serial Port


iP501-330 ‘2S’


USB Port

So no matter what computer you are using out in the field for your meter data collection, you can be sure that Intelliprobe can provide an optical probe for that application.




Intelliprobe offers a vast range of products tailored to meet all your needs and at a great price that is guaranteed to fit your budget.

We are proud to carry the most rugged, mechanical and electrical design in the industry. Our probes are designed with a highly-resistant aluminum head that contains powerful magnets that ensure great retention when attached to the meter’s optical port.

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