American National Standards Institute (ANSI) For Handheld Devices

ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute and it is the organization that creates the standard meter manufacturers In North America and a few other countries incorporate in their meters for communications between the meter and computers via the meter’s optical port.   The optical port in the ANSI meters is the ANSI Type 2 which comes in the form of a D-shape.   The communication protocol to follow in this case is the C12.18-1996 which explains the  protocol specifications for local meter data exchange between the meter and the computer i.e. handheld.

Most meters today are designed to comply to the ANSI C12.18. These meters employ the ANSI Type 2 optical communications port for integration so our iP250 and iP500 series of ANSI Optical Probes are designed to work with these meters.

Our ANSI Products for Handheld Devices:

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