The NEW Intelliprobe iBT-600 PLUS Bluetooth Optical Probe is designed for reading and programming electric meters with portable devices, handhelds or laptop PCs equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The iBT-600 probe is designed to work with most utility meters that employ the ANSI C12.18-2006 and IEC 62056-21 (1107) standards (See illustrations below)

This optical probe eliminates the use of interface cables between the meter and the handheld or PC as it provides a WIRELESS solution for gathering data from the meters. This probe has a wireless operating range of 20 meters so giving the operator more flexibility and range of motion.

The iBT-600 PLUS optical probe has a “Power Switch” at its face that powers up the unit when attached to a meter. Once attached to a meter, a BLUE LED on the back of the probe lights up and stays blinking until it “syncs” with the host handheld or PC that will be used to gather the data. Once the probe finds the Bluetooth wireless host device and “syncs” with it, the LED will change state to SOLID BLUE. Then the probe will be ready to start communicating with the meter via the meter reading software being used.

The iBT-600 PLUS optical probe is powered by a rechargeable NiMH “AA” battery and allows the user to probe meters for a full working day or up to 10 hours on a fully charged battery. This optical probe can be charged from a USB port on a PC, wall mount charger or car charger via the USB cable provided with the unit.

The iBT-600 PLUS optical probe attaches to the optical port of the meters by magnetic adhesion so avoiding to be held while reading the meter. It supports both ANSI Type 2 (“D” shaped) and IEC (“Round” shaped) optical ports. For ANSI meters, the probe attaches in a normal way. For IEC meters, the probe is attached upside down (or turned 180 degrees from its normal position). This feature eliminates the need to carry two different optical probes in applications that require reading both types of meters (See illustrations below)

Download Datasheet For English User Guide: iBT-600 PLUS BLUETOOTH
Download Datasheet (Spanish) For: iBT-600 PLUS BLUETOOTH

  • A WIRELESS Optical Probe
  • 2 probes in 1: ANSI C12.18-2006 and IEC-62056 (1107) compatible design
  • Works with Handhelds or PCs with Integrated Bluetooth
  • Battery charge Bi-color LED indicator (Green/Yellow)
  • Transmit (TX) RED and Receive (RX) ORANGE LED indicators
  • Power and Sync BLUE LED indicator
  • 890nm Bi-Directional IR Optical Communication
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery
  • Rugged PC/ABS design
  • Powerful Magnetic Retention
  • Bluetooth Operation Range up to 20 meters
  • Charge via Wall-mount charger, Car charger or PC USB port
  • Loop for attaching Key Ring or Belt Clip
Physical size: Width: 3.10 inches, Height: 2.10 inches, Depth: 2.10 inches
Weight: Complete assembly weighs 4.80 oz
Construction: Polycarbonate/ABS – Blue
Finish: Fine Texture
Port: ANSI Type 2 C12.18-2006 and IEC 62056-21 (1107)
Lens: Polycarbonate RED or Blue filter
Optical Input: 890nm bi-directional IR interface
Data Output: Bluetooth Class 2
LED Indicators: Battery (BATT) GREEN-Good Charge/YELLOW-Low Charge
Transmit (TX) RED, Receive (RX) ORANGE
Power/Sync (PWR/SYNC) BLUE
Power Requirements: One AA battery – NiMH rechargeable
Battery Charge: USB Mini-B connection via USB charger
Battery Life: 10 (Ten) hours continuous use on fully-charged battery
Charging Time: 8 hours minimum
Data Rate: 9600 baud or adjustable by meter type
Radio Type: Bluetooth v2.0+EDR, Integrated antenna, 2402 – 2480 MHz
Effective Range: 20 meters
Radio Certification: FCC, ICS, CE
Temperature: Operating -40C to +85C, Storage -40C to +85C.
Bluetooth: Windows or Android Bluetooth v2.0+EDR device
Meter Types: Elster (ABB) 2550, 2650, All Alpha, Alpha T, A3, A1R, A1R+, 2430, others
Aptech/Robinton LPR1, LPR2, LPR3, SR500, TR403, TR804
General Electric KV, KV2, KV2-C, I-210 and others
IUSA Various
Siemens (Landis&Gyr) CTR101, CTR102, DC, DCR, DD, DG100, DT, DX, DXR, SD100, SM101, SM301, TMC101, LINC,
DCRMA, DDMA, S4 family, AX series, RX series, MAXSYS 2410, MAXSYS 2510, Quad 4, others
Metricom C
Nexus 1262/1272
PSI S100, S200, Quad 4
Pwr Measurement ION 7000 series, 8000 series
Quad Logic RSM-5
Itron Datastar®, Fulcrum®, Quantum®, Sentinel®, Centron®, Vectron®, OpenWay®
Transdata EMA, Mark V
Others IEC meters not listed – to be added later

1 year parts and labor