iP503-124 ANSI Itron G5/FC200/FC300 Universal Optical Probe NEW PRODUCT


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programming ANSI electrical power meters. They feature a Bi-Color LED on the probe cover to indicate TX and RX communication signals that turn RED and GREEN, respectively, while communicating with the meter. In addition, they incorporate a new smaller housing design that make them even lighter weight but still rugged with their Polycarbonate Glass Fiber Reinforcement material.

These probes are configured for use with Itron G5, G5R and FC200/FC300 handheld computers. Their optical circuitry supports ANSI C12.18-1996 and 2006 communication protocols. They obtain their power directly from the handheld computer and it is controlled by the meter reading software.

The NEW iP503-124 ANSI Optical Probes solve problems relating to mechanical wear-out due to the demanding environment under which probes are constantly subjected to. We address this problem using the most rugged mechanical and electrical design in the industry. These probes are designed with an almost indestructible Polycarbonate head that contains powerful magnets that ensure a good retention when attached to the meter’s optical port. They are also designed with a high endurance, flame retardant, polyurethane molded cable 18” long that withstands the outside rugged environment. This claim is backed with an aggressive warranty and service policy.

Download Datasheet For: iP503-124 ANSI Itron G5/FC200/FC300 Universal Optical Probe

**NOTE: We recommend special care when attaching the probe connector to the handheld communications port (receptacle) to avoid bending or damaging the connector contacts. Please refer to the “Hirose Plug Connections Procedure” to view proper probe
connection to handheld**

  • New ANSI compatible design
  • New Bi-Color LED Indicator for TX / RX communication signals
  • New Smaller Housing design made of Polycarbonate with Glass Fiber Reinforcement
  • Compatible with ANSI C12.18-1996 or 2006 standards
  • Designed for use with Itron G5, G5R, and FC200/FC300 Handheld computers
  • Compatible with virtually all ANSI utility meters, registers and recorders
  • Power to Probe controlled by HH meter reading software
  • Rugged, long lasting Black Flame Retardant Polyurethane coiled cord (18” long Ext. to 6’)
  • Even lighter weight for reduced fatigue, wear and tear
  • Polycarbonate filter to enhance infrared (IR) communications
  • Powerful magnets in probe head for strong magnetic adhesion to meter’s optical port
Head Physical size: Length 2.14”, Width 1.38”, Height 1.24”
Cable Type: Coiled, Black Matte, Flame Retardant Polyurethane, Polypropylene Conductor insulation
Cable Length: 18” Coiled, extends to 6 Feet
Connector: Hirose, 12-pin, Male, Push-pull mechanism, Gold plated contacts
Weight: Complete assembly weighs a maximum of 5.6 ounces (0.35 lbs)
Finish: Probe Head Light Gray Polycarbonate
Reliability: One-year (1) warranty for parts and labor
Signal Spec: Serial RS232, EIA232
LED Indicator: TX (Red), RX (Green)
Compatibility: ANSI C12.18-1996 and 2006 Protocols
Power Req: Operating supply voltage: +5V DC (from computer’s RS232 port)
Data Rate: Controlled by meter for OPTOCOM interface, 0 to 57,600 baud for Non-OPTOCOM meters
Optical: 890 nm bi-directional IR interface
Temperature: Operating -30º to 60º C; Storage -40º to +85º C
Ruggedness: Meets the requirements of a numbers of tests including those for Thermal Shock, Humidity, Water Resistance, RF Susceptibility, ESD, Drop, Random Vibration, Solar Radiation, Salt, Fog and Low Pressure.
Itron G5, G5R, FC200, FC300
Elster (ABB): 2550, 2650, All Alpha, Alpha T, A3, A1R, A1R+, 2430, others
Aptech/Robinton: LPR1, LPR2, LPR3, SR500, TR403, TR804
General Electric: KTC-901, KV, KV2, KV2-C, I-210 and others
IUSA: Various
Siemens (Landis&Gyr): CTR101, CTR102, DC, DCR, DD, DG100, DT, DX, DXR, SD100, SM101, SM301, TMC101, LINC, DCRMA, DDMA, S4 family, AX series, RX series, MAXSYS 2410, MAXSYS 2510, Quad 4, others
Metricom: C
Nexus: 1262/1272
PSI: S100, S200, Quad 4
Pwr Measurement: ION 7000 series, 8000 series
Itron (Schlumbergẽr): Datastar®, Fulcrum®, Quantum®, Sentinel®, Centron®, Vectron®, OpenWay®
Synergistics: B40
Transdata: EMA, Mark V
Others: Not listed – to be added later